About Us

SpiceBomb is an online store run by a sisters team, that specialises in keeping goodies and products for folks that are busy and on the move.
From spicy to sweet, crunchy to tangy, decadent to refreshing, we have it all!
  • Sujees Masala are spice mixtures that make time in the kitchen a breeze.
  • Mesmerizing Mixes are a baker’s dream come true. You can whip up a treat in a matter of minutes and your kitchen will be filled with aroma heaven.
  • Meal Mates has a tantalising and exotic range of Achaar and Chutney which are a perfect accompaniment for your savouries and meals.
  • Come tea time and our Rusk ranges will not disappoint you. Crunch, Dunk and Indulge.
  • Anytime is Tea Time but not with ordinary tea. Tea time with Zana Tea and Tea4U is not boring anymore. We have a range of exotic flavoured teas that will soothe the sense and transport you to another world.
We have various collection points in Pretoria and Johannesburg and courier or deliver for a reasonable fee.
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